About us

Flying is our passion!

Wekter Helicopters is first and foremost a dream come true, not only for our passengers, but also for all of us crew members.

We haven’t been flying forever, but it’s always been our passion that made us come together and create Wekter Helicopters together, attracting more people who can’t imagine life without flying.

A helicopter flight means space, freedom, beautiful views and almost unlimited possibilities to move in any direction your eyes can take you. Our common goal is to give everyone the opportunity to have this experience in a “Flight Sharing” formula.

We are driven by your smiles, your “wow” moments and all those unforgettable moments and views that we experience together on board our helicopters. We make sure that every flight is professionally prepared and safe.

Equipment we fly by

The Robinson R44 Raven II is the world’s most popular four-seat helicopter, developed specifically for civil aviation. This helicopter is considered to be one of the safest helicopters in the world. It is equipped with air-conditioning, leather seats, luggage space, and Bose A20 soundproofing headphones, allowing you to travel comfortably and fully enjoy the sights. 

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