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4 people can fly on board of the helicopter at a time, i.e. the pilot and 3 passengers.

There are 4 seats on board of the helicopter, including 1 for the pilot and 3 for the passengers.

The length of the flight depends on the will of the customer, we organize flights of any length.

Of course, kids of all ages can fly.

No, the price list covers a specific flight time, regardless of the number and age of passengers.

No, our helicopters are equipped with top-of-the-line Bose A20 soundproofing headphones.

Our helicopters are air conditioned.

Of course. In addition, at the request of the passenger we can record and share the flight using a dome camera installed on board.

This is not necessary, but to avoid waiting for the flight in line and be sure that we will be at the chosen helipad, it is better to make an appointment for a specific time in advance.

Yes, our pilots are certified to fly at night, this requires prior appointment and ideal weather conditions.

The airspace is divided into many zones. In many of them we can fly, but in some it is not possible. We always follow aviation laws, so if you are interested in flying to a specific location please contact us so we can verify the possibility.

At weekends and in high season, we are open from morning until dusk.

In high season and at weekends if weather conditions allow for it.

The price of the flight depends on the length of the flight and the price list is available here.

Yes, there is a card payment option.

The weight limit for a passenger is 130kg.

Yes, it is one of the safest modes of transportation and our pilots are highly experienced and highly qualified.

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